Sunday, October 2, 2016

Young Missionary Adventures

Sunday, October 2, 2016

It has really felt like October today - woke up to rain early this morning and have had drizzling rain off and on all day.   It was a nice day to be inside watching General Conference and feeling the spirit of the speakers while enjoying the sound of rain on the skylight.   Sunday afternoon session was especially meaningful to us as our nephew, Bro. Brian K. Ashton spoke and was followed shortly by our former Mission President here in Gilbert - K Brett Natress.   I really loved the messages from conference - they gave me much peace and calmness even though we live in a challenging time!   As our nephew spoke this afternoon, I had a strong feeling that his paternal grandparents (my in-laws) were aware of his participation in conference and were feeling blessed by all of their posterity.  

On Monday, I woke up feeling energized when the alarm went off at 5 a.m. so I got up, put my work-out clothes on and headed to the gym.   As I drove toward the gym it was barely getting light.   I felt good all through the work-out and as I left the gym I noticed a beautiful sunrise to the east.   Immediately the words, "Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I've got a beautiful feeling, Everything's going my way" popped into my head and I began humming the tune.   That seemed a little strange to me as I am not usually a fan of Mondays but this past one turned out to be a good one!

Pretty sunrise on Monday.   Looking forward to a great week.

For the rest of the week, the office got quite busy every afternoon with missionaries coming in and out.   There was so much going on that it was a little challenging to get my work done - and I was trying to prep for the missionaries that will be arriving on October 4.   I still needed to make 5 binders for incoming missionaries, but I was waiting for some updates to be completed.

When we arrived at the office, we learned that we should expect 3 more missionaries who would be coming to Gilbert until their visas arrive and they can go to their field of service outside the US.   That meant I would need to make 8 binders.    In a couple of hours I was handed a folder that had 27 applications from young people who want to serve a mini-mission starting Friday, October 7.   Each of those need a personalized binder prepared for them.....seemed like I would be printing and collating binders most of the week.  I tried to get all of that done around the interruptions of missionaries coming in and asking for supplies.

Tuesday afternoon - missionaries in the office waiting for interviews, picking up supplies, waiting for
Elder Ashton to look at their car, etc.   In the meantime, I had started preparing binders (note box of binders) for the mini-missions and two boxes of supplies arrived that needed to be put away or given out to the waiting missionaries.   It was just a little crazy busy :)

The Assistants to the President also came into the office for at least part of every day trying to finalize tickets for the Gladys Knight fireside that will occur on October 6 and October 8.  I think they finally completed the division of tickets on Thursday afternoon.

Figuring out Gladys Knight ticket allocation.

Wednesday morning at 3 a.m. I was rudely awakened when I fell out of bed (don't know why) and hit my eye/forehead on the night stand.   OUCH!   It hurt and Elder Ashton had to jump out of bed and doctor me up :)

Only a little butterfly to mark the injury on Wednesday.  I was almost able to hide the rest of the injury with make-up.

By Thursday I was no longer able to hide the injury - I really have a shiner.   In fact, a guy at the grocery store on Saturday told me I had the best shiner he has ever seen ;-)

I was still trying to get all those binders done, and by the time the updates were complete, we had a melt down with the printer.   It won't pull the pages through without them being crooked or crumpled on the color printer and about 1/8 of the pages in each binder need to be printed on a color printer.   They (Xerox) sent us a new part but that didn't fix it.   They are supposed to send another one and if that doesn't fix the printer they will sent a repair man out.   I'm beginning to panic just a little because the 8 binders need to be completed by Tuesday morning.   

This is the stack of papers that have already been printed.....I still need to print about 50 more pages on the color printer.   Crossing my fingers that they get it working by Monday afternoon!

Next week's schedule looks daunting - prepare for arriving missionaries on Monday,  arrivals and training on Tuesday, Wednesday is transfers when we need to implement all the updates to companionships, Thursday is Gladys Knight Firesides beginning in the afternoon and ending after 10 p.m.   We are expecting about 400 referrals from that day, so we will be busy!   Friday we will continue to work with the referrals from Fireside and update the spreadsheet for temple attendance with the new transfer information.  We expect more referrals from the Saturday afternoon Fireside and I'm not sure yet what my role will be in that but I'm sure there will be some involvement.   I think I will be tired by the time the week is over!

I've been going to the mission office 5 days a week for the past 5 months and just this week I noticed that the bark on the trees by the office is polka-dotted......found that pretty interesting.

Perfect end to the week today when we had family over for dinner.   We had 22 there and had a great time talking with kids, grandkids and watching these two youngest great grand kids hug on each other!   Luke and Grayson seem to really like each other!

Happy Fall from the Arizona Desert!

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