Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Preparatory Adventure

Sunday, July 10th

Another week bites the dust!!   I am frequently shaking my head and saying "I can't believe...." it is already Wednesday, it is already July, we have been home and working in the Gilbert Mission for two months, etc. etc.   Today it is "I can't believe another week has passed!"    And where did those days go.   It seems that Elder Ashton and I keep very busy each day and get lots accomplished, but another day comes and we still have lots to do!

We met with President and Sister Wheeler on Monday afternoon (a couple of hours after we got off the plane from Salt Lake City.   The Assistants to the President and the other office couple were also there and we spent a couple of hours talking about the upcoming "transfer" - missionaries go home (8 this time) and missionaries come in (12 this time) and new companionships are formed with many missionaries moving to a different area.  I was only feeling a little pressure on Monday because I felt like I was keeping pace with my duties to supply bedding packets for all the new missionaries and to also put together binders for all the new missionaries.   I had all of those ready and was starting to work on the bedding and binders for the next transfer in six weeks.   THEN, we arrived at the office on Tuesday morning and emails were awaiting telling us of still more arrivals slated for August 23.   I had a total for 24 bedding sets for Elders and 17 for Sisters (I much prefer shopping for Sister bedding ;-) ).   This coming week on Tuesday we will need 7 sets for Elders and 5 sets for Sisters.  But on Tuesday I learned that we will be receiving 29 missionaries will be arriving.   I will be fine for Sisters but need to purchase 12 more bedding sets for Elders so I will need to get right on that after we finish transfers this week.   I'm so tired of shopping for bedding for missionaries that I have kind of lost interest in shopping for furniture and/or new bedding, etc for our house remodel.   I guess that's OK because it is moving along VERY slowly and I am really tired of the big mess.   I'm hoping the remodel will be done by mid August - cross your fingers for me!

This past week was Zone Conferences and Elder Ashton and I did a little training and Elder Ashton did car inspections.  I was training on how to properly submit referrals and fill our baptism forms.   I can truly say that I can chalk this training up as less than successful, i.e., "epic failure".    I did training for about five minutes and specifically told them we needed baptism sheets turned in ASAP after the baptism.   AND, they must be sure to give me a name with referrals so the missionaries would know who they were contacting.   I love the missionaries and have gotten to know some of them pretty well, and Wednesday afternoon as I looked around the group, I saw one of the former Assistants to the President.    He seemed to be very attentive.   Then Wednesday evening I got a text from him with a referral.   Guess What?!?   No Name!
And of the 10 baptisms that were performed last weekend, I have only received 5 forms, despite a second reminder to the missionaries.   Guess I'll have to try a different tactic at the next zone conferences :)

Sisters receiving award of beef jerky from Elder Kapua for cleanest car in the Zone.

Thursday I stayed in the office and Elder Ashton, Elder and Sister Partridge attended Zone Conference.   Sister Partridge did the training on baptismal forms and referrals - she used a power point presentation.   Maybe that will prove to be more successful.

On Wednesday, our grandson entered the MTC in preparation for his mission to Birmingham, Alabama.  We have been excited for this opportunity for him and I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw this picture on FB that was posted by his mom with the description of "My momma heart is so happy. He said he is having a great time."   He looks great and I can't think of any better place for him to be!

Levi and his companion, Elder Fotu

Most days the office has a period of time when it gets pretty busy with Elders and Sisters coming in, but especially around transfer/departure time.   Elder Ashton was busy taking care of incoming bicycles on Friday and several Elders were in the office completed some work on the "My Plan" program that they are supposed to study before going home.    Elder Peterson LOVES people and I think he loves to have his picture taken.   He has an amazing story and I love seeing his happy smiling face!   

Elder and Sister Partridge looking at the data that is being saved to a flash drive for every departing missionary.   Elder Rose is looking on.   Elder Johnston and Elder Kapua are working on "My Plan" at the computer and Elder Peterson is keeping me smiling!

I really love all the beautiful bougainvillea bushes around this area.   They are so bright and beautiful and from a distance just look like a clump of color.....but look at the tiny yellow flowers in the center when you get up close.   So Pretty!

About an hour of my preparation day (Saturday) were spent in a preparatory activity of  ironing one dozen long sleeved white shirts.   It's a good thing I learned to iron fact 48 years ago when I did ironing for students at BYU for 10 cents a piece.    I can iron a shirt in a little under 4 minutes so at least it wasn't an all day job and Elder Ashton has enough shirts for the next 2 weeks.

We find this mission to be just as great as the one we served in Virginia.   We are making lots of new friends that we meet through our work in the mission and loving the young missionaries just as much.   I still feel like all these young missionaries are my adopted grandkids and really enjoy being around them.  One of our new incoming missionaries is coming from Malaysia and that is pretty exciting to me.

Life is BUSY but oh, so GOOD!   

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